Four Days of Camper Van Adventure in West Cork

Difficulty level; Easy

Duration: Varies
Our four-day camper van journey through West Cork was nothing short of an epic adventure. With the trusty ShowerPlus for facilities, we set out to explore the beauty of this southwestern corner of Ireland, from Béal na Blath to Sherkin Island. Join us on this whirlwind tour filled with history, nature, and the ultimate van life experience.

Day 1: Béal na Blath and Old Head of Kinsale Walk
Our journey began with a visit to the historic Béal na Blath. After paying our respects at the Michael Collins memorial, we hit the road and made our way to the Old Head of Kinsale walk, treating ourselves to panoramic views of the coastline.

Day 2: Kinsale, Seafood Feast, and Local Stouts
We dedicated this day to exploring the lovely village of Kinsale. Its colorful streets and bustling harbor made for a delightful stroll. We couldn’t resist the allure of fresh seafood, indulging in a feast at one of Kinsale’s renowned seafood restaurants. To complement the meal, we tried the local stouts, Murphy’s and Beamish, enjoying their rich flavors. Afterward, we visited the Lusitania Visitor Centre, where we learned about the tragic history of this sunken ocean liner. ShowerPlus kept us fresh for the day’s adventures.

Day 3: Garretstown Beach and Baltimore
Bright and early, we embarked on a visit to Garretstown Beach, a surfer’s paradise. With the waves providing endless excitement, we caught some incredible rides. Later, we made our way to Baltimore, where the charming harbor beckoned. A boat tour yielded dolphin sightings and tales of maritime history. ShowerPlus came in handy again, allowing us to wash away the salt and sand before heading to our next destination.

Day 4: Sherkin Island, Mizen Head, and Heron’s Cove
The ferry to Sherkin Island provided a serene escape, and we explored the island’s hiking trails and pristine beaches. As the sun began to set, we made our way to Mizen Head, treated to breathtaking views along the way. Our ShowerPlus setup made us feel at home even in the remotest spots. We concluded our adventure with a culinary treat at Heron’s Cove, indulging in delectable seafood dishes while gazing out at Goleen Bay.

Four days in West Cork, fueled by the freedom of camper van life and the convenience of ShowerPlus+, left us with cherished memories. From poignant historical sites to exhilarating surf sessions, scenic coastal drives, and fresh seafood feasts in Kinsale, West Cork is a treasure trove of experiences. Don’t forget to try the local stouts, Murphy’s and Beamish, to savour the authentic flavours of the region. If you’re up for an adventure that combines the best of Ireland’s natural beauty and rich culture, pack your bags and hit the road – West Cork awaits!